Transport your dog safely between England and Spain with ALStrays

Chris Marshall is a popular man thanks to his pet transport scheme that operates between the UK, Europe and Spain. ALStrays‘ two vans are fully DEFRA licensed and meet the stringent requirements for carrying animals on journeys longer than 24 hours.

Based in Almerimar in the south of Spain, ALStrays will carry adopted pets to their new homes in France, Belgium, Holland and Germany and also transport pets across the channel to the UK, cutting out the difficult process of transporting animals through France and Spain.

It is currently very difficult for anyone without a car to take their pets to Spain from the UK as pet friendly, inter-regional train services end in Perpignon, southern France (you can only take dogs under 8 kilos on the train hotel but you have to pay for the whole cabin) and Spain’s RENFE will only allow pets on shorter, local lines (provided they are muzzled). Getting from Perpignon to Spain is still quite a hassle as bus services are also not pet friendly. Ferry companies insist that all passengers with pets must have a vehicle and a pet friendly cabin.

Thankfully ALStrays bypass all that hassle and their bi-monthly runs in each direction ensure that you will have plenty of options if you need to travel across the continent. They have three drivers who take three hour shifts and drive straight through. Dogs are walked at every changeover and their vans also have water supplies directly to the animals’ cages.

ALStrays can also house your pet in Spain for a few days prior to travelling and their prices are very reasonable too; far cheaper than many rival pet transporters and friendlier too.

If you need more information click here to visit their website, follow them on twitter (@alstrays) or email:

But don’t take my word for it, read testimonials by satisfied customers by clicking here.

You will need to ensure your pet’s passport is up to date and all jabs and boosters have been carried out if required.

‘Pin’ the Podenco needs a home

Pin needs a new home

Pin is looking for a new home. She is currently under the care of the good people at Can Fauna near Barcelona but they really need to find her a home soon.

She has a wonderful temperament, is quite shy but a gentle little soul; very passive and quiet. She is available for adoption and ready to go to her new home with all her jabs, microchip, rabies shots complete and passport.

For more details please visit or

Contact Can Fauna - to help

Dappy is missing near Baza, Granada – Please help

Dappy is missing, if you see him please contact Pat on 679337713

Dappy has gone missing from his home near Baza, Granada, Andalucia. If you see him please contact his owner, Pat on 679337713 (Espanyol) or 638553909 (English).

It is of extra importance that he is found soon as he has Leishmania (read about it here)  and as such needs regular medication to keep the illness in check. It is a non-communicable disease so he poses no danger to people or other dogs but his life is at risk without his medication.

All help is fully appreciated. Many thanks.

Help save Max from termination

Max needs a new homeCan anyone help this lovely Cocker Spaniel named ‘Max’?
His owner will be returning to the UK soon due to a bereavement and won’t be able to take him because she will be living with her son who has allergies.

Max is 11-years-old, castrate, very loyal and loving and is great with children. He will have to be put down if a home can’t be found so please help if you can.

Contact Pat on 96 283 3325 and she will give you the contact details for Max’s owner.

Norman is looking for his forever home

Norman needs a home - contact

This is Norman, he was found in a box on a railway line and is currently about 12 weeks old. He will be small to medium when fully grown, has his passport, all injections, rabies shot and microchip. All he needs now is his forever home :)

He is near Murcia at the moment but if you would like to give him a home or know someone who would, please contact Buddies Rescue Buddies and make arrangements with them.

Many thanks for taking the time to help Norman.